Start the New Year with a Good Deed, Donate to a Charity in Coral Springs

Charity in Coral SpringsEveryone has different goals for the new year. This year, why not make it your goal to make a true difference in your community? When you donate to a charity in Coral Springs for the new year, you’re starting the year strong by helping others better their lives for 2016. At Projects Together Foundation, Inc., we’re committed to helping people with disabilities make the most of their lives by giving them one of the greatest gifts of all- employment training. When those with disabilities are equipped for employment, they gain a new sense of self in being able to provide for their own wellbeing. This new year, make a difference by helping create and find jobs for disabled people in Coral Springs with your donation to Projects Together Foundation, Inc.

At Projects Together Foundation, Inc., we’re working each day to make a true difference in the lives of disabled people throughout the area. Our foundation is committed to helping those with disabilities actualize their drams of independence and self-sufficiency. Our organization provides employment training, along with employment opportunities.

With your donation, we’re able to continue in our efforts of helping those with disabilities overcome their challenges and find true self fulfillment through employment. Currently, we’re accepting donations that will help improve our facilities where we offer occupational training for individuals of all ages and skill sets. We’re hoping to construct a new facility that’s not only green and environmentally stable, but also easily accessible for those with disabilities.

At our current facility, we’re offering job training along with actual employment. Our team at Projects Together Foundation, Inc. currently produces Trunk Buddy system that allows people to expand their trunk space safely. Our hard workers construct the Trunk Buddy on premises, giving them a true sense co completion when they get the job done. But, at Projects Together Foundation, Inc., we’d love to do so much more for those we’re helping. There are so many employment opportunities and training exercise we can be adding to our work, but we need the improved facilities to do so.

When you’re looking to donate to a charity to Coral Springs in the new year, make sure that you’re helping make a true difference for those in need. At Projects Together Foundation, Inc., we’re on a mission to help those with disabilities improve their situation through employment and employment training. Start the new year by making a real difference for those in need, make a donation to a charity that’s helping to provide jobs for disabled people in Coral Springs. We invite you to begin your new year with a donation to our efforts at Projects Together Foundation, Inc.