Our New Zero Carbon Footprint Environmentally Friendly Building

Details Of The New Environmentally Green Building

To continually serve more disabled workers, we are raising $2 Million to build a new highly accessible, state-of-the-art, green-energy Assembly and Office facility (see rendering).

The building will be designed to accommodate the needs and well-being of our disabled employees, and its architecture and layout will promote productivity, creativity and a safe, happy and comfortable work environment.


The theme running through the design of the building will be of nature and tranquility, as reflected in the green and rustic color scheme of the building’s facade and interior. Please see the attached picture.

Not only does this reflect the ethos and vision of the Foundation in creating a nurturing environment for our employees, the building will also be a visually appealing, harmonious addition to its natural surroundings.

The building will be eco-friendly (green) with sustainability purchasing programs, engergy efficient solar panels, albedo efficient roofing, water conservation systems, heat pumps and environmentally safe Green Cleaning programs. This will make the building self-sufficient, cost effective and energy-saving, with a goal of self sustainability, minimizing the need for outside utilities.

Building Organization

Assembly areas will be divided into zones according to the level of ability of employees. Supervision and Support will be relative to the needs of the employees.

As you will see from the specifications, the office space area is larger than an average office to accommodate the Projects Together Foundation a unique Entrepreneurship program for Physically disabled young people wishing to become self-employed. These trainee entrepreneurs will, along with special Sponsors use individual offices to learn how to run their own businesses. This program is designed as an incubator for a one-year transition period between training and being completely independent and self-employed.

The space will also contain common area meeting rooms.

There will be a lunch room for the employees, which will be connected to the exterior “Harmony Gardens” so that when the weather is fare, the employees can enjoy their lunch outside on chairs, tables and benches.

The lunch room will also double as a training center for the entrepreneurship program.

The bathrooms will be modern, spacious and have full disability access. They will be larger than average with wider door entry for wheelchair access.

Building Spec

3,000 sq. ft of office space
15,000 sq. f. assembly
30,000 – 40,000 sq. ft warehouse
1.000 sq. ft Cafeteria / Lunch / Training Center


Many mentally disabled workers need extra supervision which carries higher costs. In purchasing the building, the savings on the overheads will enable us to absorb these costs and keep our prices competitive.