Make a Difference and Donate to a Disability Charity in Coral Springs

There’s nothing more rewarding than to help someone less fortunate improve their life. It’s easy for most of us to take for granted the advantages we have as healthy adults. But try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who isn’t able to walk or struggles with a physical or mental disability. There are currently thousands of disabled people in South Florida who are struggling to find work. Just like most of us, they have the same issues. They need to live comfortably and pay their bills. But there is a way to make a difference. One charitable organization in Coral Springs, is striving to help the disabled find work.

Projects Together Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization that employs individuals with severe physical and mental disabilities. Unfortunately, countless people throughout South Florida are unable to find work due to their disability. Many of these people have the intelligence and skills to accomplish anything in life. All they need is a chance. The fact is most employers won’t give a disabled person an opportunity because they’re not seen as economically viable due to the perception of high costs and low productivity.

Many people want to help the disabled find work. But they’re not sure what to do. The best way to help is to make a donation to a charitable organization in Coral Springs committed to looking out for the best interests of the less fortunate. Your donation to Projects Together Foundation, Inc. doesn’t just help a disabled person find a job, it also help improve the local economy. In the end, everyone wins.

When donating money to a charity in Coral Springs, many people wonder where exactly their money goes and how it’s used to help the disabled. Each donation to Projects Together, Foundation, Inc. will be utilized to help build an environmentally safe facility that will be disability accessible to help provide jobs and training for the handicapped, preparing them for an independent lifestyle. The charity in Coral Springs was founded by Hans Moench, who was inspired by his son Khari who is disabled. Moench is not only dedicated to helping his own child, he wants to help others in the community realize their dreams and potential.

By providing job training for the disabled, it’s the goal of Projects Together Foundation, Inc. to help each every individual achieve their goals of fulfilling their ambitions. Whether you’re physically healthy or struggle with a mental or physical handicap, everyone deserves and opportunity to succeed in life. Make a charitable donation in Coral Springs to an organization looking out for the best interest for the disabled. Contact Projects Together Foundation Inc. and help a disabled person realize their potential.