Make a Difference by Donating to a Charity in Coral Springs

Sooner or later, everyone needs help. Even the most accomplished people don’t achieve success without some assistance along the way. Maybe it came from a mentor or from a friend or family member. When it comes to helping a physically or mentally disabled person, it can be even more challenging for them to reach their goals. But one charity in Coral Springs, FL is committed to helping make a difference for the disabled. Projects Together Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping those with physical and mental disabilities find work.Charity Coral Springs, FL

Many people with disabilities possess unique talents and skills that often go overlooked. They may be more artistically inclined or may have creative talents and untapped potential. Projects Together Foundation is about helping the disabled acquire valuable job skills to help them find employment. You donation goes directly to helping construct a green and environmentally safe facility to provide employment training for the disabled. By providing these valuable opportunities, many people in the disabled community are given the chance to find employment and achieve their goal of independence.

Unfortunately most employers would never consider hiring a person who is physically or mentally disabled due to high costs and low productivity. Projects Together Foundation, Inc. has developed a comprehensive job training program which helps the disabled work in a low-pressured environment. The young men and women who participate in the program are paid according to their performance.

The program is designed to help more mentally and physically challenged people gain valuable job skills. The goal is also to create greater awareness about jobs for disabled people in Coral Springs. Your donation also helps give hope to those who desperately need it. Donating to a charity in Coral Springs isn’t a contest. It’s about help the less fortunate. Each donation, regardless of the amount, helps more people achieve their dreams and give back the community.

In addition to your donations, you can purchase items made by our job trainees. Among these items is the Trunk Buddy Strap. It not only makes a great car accessory, your purchase also helps build a facility for other projects. Some people are hesitant to donate because they believe their contribution is too small to make a difference. That is simply not true. No donation is too small. The spirit of giving isn’t just limited to Christmas. Give to a charity in Coral Springs committed to helping more discover their dreams and accomplish their goals. Contact the Projects Together Foundation Inc. today.