Make a Charitable Donation, Help Improve Lives Coral Springs

“Where there is a will, there is a way.”- Pauline Kael

Charitable Donation Coral Springs, FLEntering the workforce is challenging for anybody, but especially for disabled young adults. There are many misunderstandings surrounding disabled people, and these misunderstandings are especially palpable in the workplace, where a staggering number of disabled adults are denied the gainful employment they deserve. At Projects Together Foundation, Inc., we know that disabled people deserve truly gainful employment opportunities. With the proper skills, they can find jobs that enable the joy of independence. Our organization is committed to helping disabled people from all walks of life learn the skills they need for the satisfaction of gainful employment. But, we cannot do it alone. If you are in the spirit of giving, we invite you to make a charitable donation in Coral Springs that will truly make a difference by helping our efforts.

Our non-profit organization’s goal is to improve the lives of disabled adults throughout the community, and we focus on this goal through many different methods of assistance. First, we help disabled individuals receive the vocational assistance they need to become eligible members of the workforce. Training any employee is a major investment of time and money, but we know that those with disabilities deserve the same opportunities as others. We also take a one-on-one approach, helping disabled entrepreneurs achieve their goals of self-employment with additional assistance and guidance. After all, getting started in the workforce can be challenging for any individual, no matter their disability. The care, support and nurturing assistance we provide is only made possible by donations from the community.

Donating to a charity in Coral Springs can feel like an impersonal experience from time to time. But, when you trust your donation to our efforts at Projects Together Foundation, Inc., you can see your donations at work. Your donations can help bring hope, opportunity and most importantly, independence to those facing disabilities and employment difficulties. Every donation helps us further or work, bringing training, employment and empowerment to our dedicated entrepreneurs. We are also accepting donations for our efforts to construct a new facility that can house more employees, trainees and future employees for a bigger impact throughout the community. If you are looking to make a charitable donation in Coral Springs, we hope that you will consider making a true difference in the community by assisting our efforts. If you are interested in donating or becoming involved in our work to improve the lives of others, please call (954) 255-3013.