Impacting the Lives of People with Disabilities in Coral Springs, FL

The term, “disability” refers to a physical or mental condition that limits a person’s movements, senses, or activities. It is common for others to call people with disabilities “handicap.” They have their disability for some reason. Their limitation may be due to family history. They might have received their limitation from a family member, or from a sports injury, or an auto accident. There are debilities that are not hereditary; instead they are spontaneous caught. No matter how people get their disability, they are still people.

Yes, it may be difficult for them to do normal activities like run, climb, swim, or do long division, but that doesn’t mean they are weak. It is commonly noticed that where a person with a particular disability is weak, there is another area where he or she is strong. People with disabilities in Coral Springs, FL should be given the same opportunity as others without disabilities. Finding a job can be rather difficult for people with disabilities. That is why Projects Together Foundation, Inc. is a great non-profit organization for people with disabilities to take part in.

Projects Together Foundation, Inc. has one main goal and that is to create jobs for people with disabilities. How are they capable of finding jobs for this group of people? Projects Together Foundation, Inc. in Coral Springs, FL partners with other organizations in South Florida. Then, they work together to teach the people with disabilities certain job skills that will enable them to apply for everyday jobs out in the real world. For example, Projects Together Foundation, Inc. has partnered with the organization known as ScentsAbility. ScentsAbility helps individuals with special needs learn job skills like how to punch in/out for their shift, how to use a cash register, stock shelves, alphabetize, count money, and how to use a computer to complete a sale. Once the people with disabilities has learned those skills with ScentsAbility, they are able to find jobs through Projects Together Foundation, Inc.

One of these latest product is called The Trunk Buddy. It is an easy, fast, and secure way to maximize your car’s cargo area to safely move large items like a bike or multiple large boxes. This product is being assembled by disabled Americans, providing them an opportunity to work and be a part of the workforce.

Local businesses work with Projects Together Foundation, Inc. to create jobs and make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities in Coral Springs every day. Those jobs impact their lives. Projects Together Foundation, Inc. is located on 3771 NW 126th Ave. Suite 1, Coral Springs, FL 33065. You can visit Project Together Foundation, Inc.’s Coral Springs location any time during their office Hours, which are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. For more information on this non-profit organization, call (954) 274-3519. Don’t forget to like their Facebook page, too.