Have You Contributed to a Disability Charity?

Everyone deserves the opportunity to earn a comfortable living. Unfortunately for the disabled, those opportunities can be extremely limited. Many people who are mentally or physically challenged have special talents and skills to offer to a company. All they need is a chance to prove themselves. Project Together Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit disability charity in Coral Springs dedicated to helping those with physical and mental handicaps find work and fulfill their potential.10306247_615299405207415_5067040335978476701_n

There are countless people throughout South Florida who are capable of amazing things. Many are born with handicaps that most people can’t comprehend. But it doesn’t mean they can’t be productive members of society. A person who can’t walk can still perform a desk job as well as any healthy person. Others who struggle with mental handicaps are able to perform jobs which require physical skill. But not everyone is given the opportunity because they may be lacking the specific skills for high paying position. Even people who are highly-educated with degrees suffer from handicaps and struggle to find work.

Your donations to the Project Together Foundation, Inc. help provide valuable educational opportunities and job placement for those who are struggling to find work due to the physical or mental impairments. The foundation is committed to providing a productive environment where young men and women can work in a low-pressured environment at their own pace and receive pay based on their performance and productivity. The facility will also provide job training for those in need. Donating to charity in Coral Springs not only provides money for a good cause, it’s also tax deductible. Any amount of money donated helps the foundation with its goal of constructing an eco-friendly and more accessible building.imgres

Through the Projects Together Foundation, young people who are mentally or physically challenged can develop and acquire a variety of skills to help live the quality of life they’ve always dreamed. These skills include:

  • Assembly, packaging, drilling
  • Milling, lathe work, ultrasonic welding
  • Gluing, metal welding, soldering
  • Stapling, Counting, sealing

The best part about giving to a charitable organization in Coral Springs is your ultimately helping people in your own community. Giving money to a charity in Coral Springs isn’t about providing a handout, it’s about making a difference in someone’s life who needs it. Donate to the Projects Together Foundation today!