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Make a Charitable Donation, Help Improve Lives Coral Springs

“Where there is a will, there is a way.”- Pauline Kael Entering the workforce is challenging for anybody, but especially for disabled young adults. There are many misunderstandings surrounding disabled people, and these misunderstandings are especially palpable in the workplace, where a staggering number of disabled adults are denied the gainful employment they deserve. At…
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Make a Difference by Donating to a Charity in Coral Springs

Sooner or later, everyone needs help. Even the most accomplished people don’t achieve success without some assistance along the way. Maybe it came from a mentor or from a friend or family member. When it comes to helping a physically or mentally disabled person, it can be even more challenging for them to reach their…
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Have You Contributed to a Disability Charity?

Everyone deserves the opportunity to earn a comfortable living. Unfortunately for the disabled, those opportunities can be extremely limited. Many people who are mentally or physically challenged have special talents and skills to offer to a company. All they need is a chance to prove themselves. Project Together Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit disability charity…
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