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About Projects Together Foundation


10172829_612026552201367_1918264204016346124_nThe Projects Together Foundation is a non-profit organization that employs individuals with severe physical and mental disabilities who are normally excluded from the job market.

Whilst most employers do not consider employing people with these types of disabilities as economically viable because of high costs and low productivity, we have created an altogether different model, a model where these young men and women can work in a low-pressured environment according to their own pace and are paid according to their performance and productivity.

Its founder, Hans Moench, was inspired to action when he discovered the very real barriers faced by severely disabled adults seeking gainful employment, as was the case with his own son, Khari. This became the driving force which led to the creation of the Projects Together Foundation.


“My dad has always taught me that in spite of my disability,  if I work hard, I can still develop my skills to their full potential.”

We will also provide individual offices and mentor up to 10 disabled entrepreneurs to realize their vision of self-employment.  A one-year cross-over period will enable them to transition to the independent business world, helping these entrepreneurs achieve their goal of successful business ownership and making a valuable contribution to our economy.

We have developed our own useful car accessories line, the sales of which help fund our projects and keep our disabled employees in work. One such product is the Trunk buddy Strap, a trunk safety belt for securing oversized goods in the trunk of your car, van or SUV.  Partially assembled by disabled workers, these car accessories are being carried and sold by more and more outlets nationwide, and the profits generated from these sales are put back into the foundation to fund some of these vital projects.

We also assemble  products for third party companies. The revenue generated from the sales of these products allows the Foundation to remain financially self-sustaining.

Be Part of the Success Story

You can be part of this success story by helping build a future for these disabled Americans, giving them hope and opportunity.  Every dollar you donate and every product you purchase from us will bring us one step closer to realizing this vision.  The more donations we receive, the sooner we can purchase the building and set up the facility.  No donation is too small.  Whatever you give, you are helping create a future of hope and dignity for these disabled American workers.

Purchase the Trunk Buddy Strap for yourself or offer it as a useful and original gift:  Not only will you receive a convenient car accessory, the profits from each purchase will also help fund the new building and other projects.

An Environmentally Sustainable Workplace

We are planning a new accessible, state-of-the-art, green-energy assembly / Office facility which will create more jobs and accommodate a larger number of disabled employees.

The Assembly areas of the new facility will be divided up according to the level of employee disabilities.  The structure and way in which the facility is organized will foster an environment which enables both productivity and well-being, leading to a financially successful enterprise. 

To purchase the building and create this well-needed, state-of-the-art facility, funds of 2 million dollars must be raised.  In purchasing the building, we will be able to save on the overheads usually associated with renting. The savings made can then be used to finance the extra support that some disabled assemblers require in the workplace, and we can keep our prices competitive.